The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses

Ben Hart
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Everything you have wanted to know, but have never had the opportunity to ask, can be found in this book. Ben Hart aims to provide each trainer with a working understanding of clicker training science and technique, empowering you with the skills and knowledge to enable you to adapt these techniques to suit you and your horse.

A clear, concise and accessible guide that will help you develop a positive approach to horse training: this is an indispensable illustrated guide to an exciting, effective and positive method of training horses.

How does a small plastic box bridge the gap between desired behaviour and effective positive reinforcement, and in doing so greatly enhance equine-human communication? Ben Hart explains the evolution of clicker training from its use with dogs and marine animals to its place in horsemanship. He answers all of the most frequently asked questions and offers practical solutions to some of the common problems that are experienced during training. Ben Hart gives all owners the opportunity to develop their training abilities and to improve their equine relationships.

“A guide that explains, clearly and practically… the scientific basis [of clicker training]… and how it can be most effectively used.”
Alternative Horse Society

“Clicker training can help owners improve their relationship with their horses and overcome undesirable behavioural traits… (Ben Hart) recognises how it fits in alongside more traditional horsemanship.”
Horse Magazine

“Ben Hart is an expert in clicker training and his new book describes in detail how and why the principles work.”
Riders Magazine

“Brings a scientific approach to the use of clicker training… Opens up new ways of being progressive with clicker training… Very enlightening.”

“A long awaited down to earth book on the successes to be had and the pitfalls to be avoided with clicker training… All the questions you ever wanted to ask.”
Enlightened Equitation

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