Telling Tales in Latin

Lorna Robinson
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Telling Tales in Latin is a new Latin course and storybook for children by Lorna Robinson, incorporating all the vocabulary and grammar needed for OCR entry level Latin.

Latin teaching for the twenty-first century, Lorna Robinson’s Telling Tales in Latin teaches Latin through the magic of storytelling.

Narrated by the chatty and imaginative Roman poet Ovid (who lived in the Rome of the first century B.C), this new course takes young learners on a journey through some of the tales from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Along the way, they pick up Latin words and grammar, explore the connections between Latin and English and discover how Ovid’s stories still speak to us today.

Each chapter introduces one of Ovid s much-loved stories, encouraging children to begin reading Latin immediately while exploring the literary and mythic context of the stories. At the end of each chapter there are suggested activities to help learners to think about what they have just read, and to understand how the stories connect to ideas and issues that are still relevant today, from relationships with others and philosophy, to science and caring for the planet.

Soham De’s illustrations bring Ovid’s stories alive for a wide range of learners and make learning Latin a colourful journey of discovery. Telling Tales in Latin outlines how Latin is the basis for English grammar, unlocking the complexities of learning English (and other languages) along the way. It also contains the vocabulary and grammar needed for the OCR Entry Level Latin qualification, making this book the ideal first introduction to Latin.

Visit the website for The Iris Project, the charity established by Lorna Robinson to promote Latin and Classics teaching in state schools.

“Really inviting and engaging, with clear explanations and beautiful and fun illustrations by Soham De…an inviting, absorbing, and embracing learning experience…It’s a beautiful beginners’ book, the like of which most of us never had in the past, and I look forward to its success and the love that its students will have for it in years to come.”
‘The Classics Library’

“Telling Tales in Latin’ will delight all who read it…This little book focuses excellently on the importance of literacy and language and makes it a superb and stimulating introduction to learning Latin…It is one of the best Latin course books currently available and will undoubtedly prove to be a great success, particularly with younger children. Congratulations to Lorna Robinson who has produced a real masterpiece, which brings the subject to life.”
Stephen Addis, retired classics teacher with 36 years’ teaching experience

“This would be an excellent choice of text to teach children aged 9 and upwards the rudiments of Latin, and as the book has all the vocabulary needed for the OCR exam, it is a very versatile text indeed.”
‘The Garden Window’ blog

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