Tao: The Watercourse Way

Alan Watts

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The Tao is the way of man’s cooperation with the natural course of the natural world, its principles can be found in the flow patterns of water. Alan Watts captures the Spirit of the Tao, the actual experience of that attitude to life. The ancient and timeless Chinese wisdom is medicine for the ills of the West but it cannot be taken as medicine but intellectually swallowed to joyously infuse our being, transforming our individual lives and through them our society.

Drawing on ancient and modern sources, Watts treats the Chinese philosophy of Tao in much the same way as he did Zen Buddhism in his classic The Way of Zen. Alan Watts has been described as the best guide to the spirit of the Tao for a western readership. Including an introduction to the Chinese culture that is the foundation of the Tao, this is one of Alan Watts’ best-loved works.

Alan Watts was central to the introduction of Eastern philosophical and religious thought to Western readers. He became a Buddhist as a teenager and moved to California in 1951 where he became a counterculture icon and one of the best-known writers of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

“Beautifully produced… classic work which examines the Chinese philosophy of Tao, with fine examples of Chinese calligraphy.”
Yoga & Health

“Watts begins with scholarship and intellect and proceeds with art and eloquence to the frontiers of the spirit… This is a profound and worthy work, left by a teacher to echo and re-echo.”
Los Angeles Times

“Profound, reflective, and enlightening. Moreover, the text supplies a sense of his ellubient spirit behind the revelation of Tao.”
Boston Globe

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