Talking with Horses

Henry Blake
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Reprinted 11 times in the UK, this classic guide will change your whole approach to horse training and management.

The first book of its kind, Talking with Horses has become an indispensable source of information for all riders and horse owners.

Learn to communicate with your horse in his own language—using telepathy and extrasensory perception—and you will learn to work together with your horse, moving and thinking as one animal. By understanding how your horse uses sounds and his body to communicate, you will be able to build a vital rapport with your horse based on understanding and respect.

A fantastic insight into the equine mind, Talking with Horses draws on Henry Blake’s natural affinity with horses, based on a lifetime spent working with them. This invaluable resource is filled with practical advice to help all riders to understand their horses better. A classic in the horse training canon, this is the book that gave rise to the concept of the ‘horse whisperer’, and today remains one of the leading books in its field.

“The inclusion of a dictionary of horse language is I imagine unique and is a fascinating study… Talking with Horses helps us to understand horses better.”
Riding Magazine

“Henry Blake’s books show a real understanding of horse psychology and offers invaluable practical advice.”

“For the sake of their horses, all owners should read these books and really think about their message.”
Countryside Magazine

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