Squash Racquets

Hashim Khan
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The game of squash has been dominated for much of recent history by the Khan family. Hashim Khan, seven-time winner of the British Open Championship, is the doyen of the game with a record of success that has never been equalled. Herbert Warren Wind, one of America’s most respected observers of the sports scene, commented in the New Yorker: “The more I think about it, the more firmly convinced I am that the greatest athlete for his age the world has ever seen, may well be Hashim Khan, the Pakistani squash player.”

This book is Hashim Khan’s story. The style may startle the reader at first, for Hashim never learned to write English, or even speak it in the textbook fashion. So he ‘talked’ the book, in a great number of sessions, in the court and out of it, to Richard E. Randall, one of his students and a professional writer. The collaboration has worked well. The book presents Hashim as he actually thinks and talks. It gives detailed instruction on the Khan grip, stroke, stance, court strategy, ploys and favourite combination of shots, plus a wealth of observations on fitness, stamina and gamesmanship.

Whatever your involvement with the game of squash, you will learn from Hashim Khan’s book. If you are a beginner, it will give you a solid foundation for your game. If you are an advanced player, you will still find many clues for improvement. Even if you do not play and have no intention of doing so, this book will add to your understanding as a spectator of the sport. Above all, it will afford you so many delightful moments with a remarkable athlete and human being.

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