Slow Yoga

Brian Payne
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For enhanced fitness, strength and health: feel the difference in your mind and body.

Slow Yoga is a revolutionary and enjoyable way to improve your body’s health and fitness. Working at your own pace, Slow Yoga enhances the benefits of traditional yoga in many ways. In addition to calming your mind, reducing stress and improving flexibility, posture and balance, the exercises and routines explained in this book can help improve muscle tine, strength and endurance.

Totally effective, practising Slow Yoga regularly will help achieve the following:

– Better flexibility, posture and balance
– Stronger breathing muscles, reducing breathlessness on exertion
– Improved muscle tone and strength
– Increased stamina and endurance
– Faster basal metabolism, helping you to control your weight
– Stronger muscles around your joints, reducing the risk of sprains and falls
– Calmer mind, helping to reduce stress.

By following the simple step-by-step instructions, all illustrated in full colour, you will increase your general fitness and well-being and, combined with a healthy diet, decrease the risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer of the colon, fractures and falls, thus giving yourself the prospect of a happy and healthy life.

Dr Brian Payne studied medicine at the Welsh National School of Medicine, and spent most of his career working as a medical scientist. He began practising traditional Yoga in 1967, and using medical research findings he has developed Slow Yoga to incorporate resistance training, thereby bringing additional benefits into a proven exercise regime.

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