Shadow into Sunlight

Elizabeth Webster
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For 15 years, Caroline had nursed her selfish, demanding mother, knowing nothing but drudgery and exhaustion. When her mother’s death freed her from her enslavement, she was at breaking point, but it wasn’t until she went into the park and saw the trench yawning at her feet, like a grave widening to engulf her, that her control finally snapped…

It was Jon Armorel who saved her and took her to the Rehab House where he had been learning to come to terms with the traumas in his own life. He encouraged her to use her old nickname, Charley, and asked her to accompany him on a filming assignment in Tunisia, which she accepted, There, in the cool, light villa by the sea, where Ankaret lived with her little waif, Zizi, Jon and Charley enjoyed a halcyon time. Gradually, they found a growing warmth drawing them closer together.

But then the shadows began to close in again; Ankaret became ill and Jon was inexplicably tense and remote. A sinister stranger was found haunting the villa, and when young Zizi disappeared, it seemed that the darkness had won…

In this wonderful, perceptive portrayal of a man and a woman trying to find themselves in a new and threatening world, Elizabeth Webster has created a novel which is utterly compelling.

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