Dr Brian M. Alman and Dr Peter Lambrou
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Self-Hypnosis can change your life in many proven ways, and it is a skill that anyone can learn and practice with complete success. From increasing your physical and mental well-being to overcoming phobias and sharpening your judgement, self-hypnosis is the definitive way to help you cope with the challenges of everyday life.

In this ground-breaking book two enlightened psychotherapists draw on their vast professional experience to provide clear step-by-step instructions explaining how to achieve a hypnotic state and goal-directed relaxation and how to use techniques of hypnotic suggestion to:

– lose weight
– stop smoking
– increase your self-confidence
– solve your sleep problems
– achieve success
– control pain
– relieve asthma
– manage stress

Self-Hypnosis is a book not merely to read, but to experience. Cases drawn from life illustrate the amazing results achievable. So take control of your life – self-hypnosis is the first step on the path to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Dr Brian M. Alman is an internationally renowned expert on self-hypnosis and was, himself, taught by Dr Milton H.Erickson. Dr Alman was introduced to the power of self-hypnosis after suffering from back pain and still uses the technique everyday.

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