Searle’s Cats

Ronald Searle
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‘Searle’s Cats’ ride again. These wonderful illustrations depict a moggy St Trinians, the circus cat secretly rehearsing ‘Hamlet’, the embarrassed cat discovering that not all cats are the same in the dark… These are just some of the full-colour, affectionate portraits of our feline friends illuminated with Searle’s cuttingly perceptive eye for the human foibles of a cat.

Ronald Searle was born in Cambridge in 1920. He served in the Second World War and was one of the few British prisoners-of-war to survive Changi prison and forced labour on the Burma Railway. He delighted millions with his comic creation of St Trinians, and has been a distinguished contributor to numerous magazines around the world, from ‘The New Yorker’ to ‘Le Monde’.

“The foremost graphic artist of the modern age… I do not personally know of any contemporary who approaches him in versatility, fecundity or the instant identifiability of his line.”
Russell Davies, ‘Independent on Sunday’

“Unique… one of the finest illustrators of the past century.”
Gerald Scarfe, ‘The Independent’

“No home should really be without the great Ronald Searle’s Searle’s Cats.”
Martin Rowson, ‘Independent on Sunday’

“Witty and affectionate illustrations of cats with human foibles… classic and comic.”
‘The Oldie’

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