Scary 2: More Stories To Make You Scream!

Edited by Peter Haining
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Get ready to scream again with the frightening stories in this follow-up collection to Scary! Stories to Make You Scream!

R.L. Stine
Philip Pullman
Neil Gaiman
Bram Stoker
Dean Koontz
M.R. James
Anne McCaffrey
Alison Prince
Arthur Conan Doyle
Robert Swindells
Russell Hoban
Pete Johnson

If you were brave enough for the first collection of Scary! stories, here are twelve more chilling tales by the master scaremongers.

Martin, Kevin and David are watching a really gruesome video. A strange boy turns up from nowhere and asks to watch it with them. How does he know so much about the story…?

To join the Danger Club they must spend time in a haunted house. But when Robbie, Lorrie and Nathan decide to trick shy Chris on Hallowe’en, events take a turn from plain scary to scared to death

Laura loves the picture of cloudy sky that hangs in an art gallery window. It would be just the thing to cheer up her mum as a Christmas present. But as she passes each day something very weird is happening: the scene is changing…

Jack is worried about his new baby step-brother. Strange things are happening at night – one morning there is blood on the baby’s neck and then… Jack’s mother is seen leaning over the cot… with blood on her lips. Has he got a vampire for a new mum…?

Prepare to enjoy even more scares…

“These are great stories. This book will really give you the shivers – perfect for freaking your mates out.”

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