Residence on Earth

Pablo Neruda
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“The greatest poet of the twentieth century – in any language.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Neruda wrote the first volume of Residence on Earth in 1933 during his years in the Far East, a time of great loneliness and personal crisis for him. Volume two was inspired by his time in Spain and friendship with Federico Garcia Lorca, while in volume three Neruda finds his role as the monumental poet of the people.

Residence on Earth is Pablo Neruda’s greatest achievement, a poetry written to speak of everyday life directly to the reader, where Neruda found his public voice and espoused his political faith that solutions could be found to injustice and misery. Residence on Earth is Neruda’s own poetic autobiography, his journey from modernism and surrealism to a poetic realism and commitment that makes him “the people’s poet”.

Pablo Neruda was born in 1904 and is a seminal figure in every poetry movement of the twentieth century. He also served as a diplomat and ambassador for Chile and travelled extensively. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 and died in 1973.

“It is commonly observed of Pablo Neruda that he was a poet of rebirths… Donald D. Walsh’s valiant 1973 translation… encompasses nearly all the possible Nerudas.”
‘Times Literary Supplement’

“Pablo Neruda was easily the most prolific and popular of all twentieth-century poets… At his best, he is among the small group of last century’s great poets.”
Mark Strand, ‘New Yorker’

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