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How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human

Michael Chorost went completely deaf in his thirties and rather than live in silence he chose to have a computer surgically embedded in his scull, artificially restoring his hearing. This is the story of his journey, from silence to hearing, from human to cyborg, and how it transformed him.

As Chorost reveals in a witty, poignant and perceptive memoir, when a human can plug himself directly into a CD player, can upgrade his hearing with new software, it forces him to confront what it means to be human in a machine age.

This is a message from the technological frontier (a new world that was developed in the UK and Australia, as much as the USA), and a haunting evocation of the sounds that are all around us until deafness strikes. This will encourage us to reassess what we hear, and to think about how we experience the world in an entirely new way.

“An amazing story… straight out of a science-fiction book”
Dermot Murnaghan, ‘BBC Breakfast’

“Highly intelligent and searingly honest… ‘Rebuilt’ is more than just a philosophical exploration of cyborg reality; the narrative drive comes from its human dimension… If all cyborgs are as reflective and compassionate as Chorost we’ll be fine.”
‘The Times’

“The Six Million Man was TV fiction – but Muchael Chorost really has turned into a cyborg”
‘Sunday Express’

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