Quotations For Our Time

Compiled by Dr Laurence Peter
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A treasury of wit and wisdom for public speakers, writers and wordsmiths of every kind

If you have ever racked your brains for a pithy remark that makes a valid, witty comment and is bang up to date, this is the book you need. It’s the most readable, entertaining collection of quotations you are likely to find, and every one has been carefully selected for its brevity and relevance to modern life by the man who gave us that classic law of managerial incompetence, the Peter Principle.

More than 5,000 quotations, arranged alphabetically under subjects, range from Ability and Business right through to Youth and Zoos. They are grouped according to the ideas they contain rather than the actual words, and they include an abundance of little known gems, many of great wit, that deserve to be enjoyed by a wider audience.

The book is especially designed for ease of use. If you are looking for a comment on a particular subject, you can consult the cross-referenced table of subjects. If you want to look up a statement made my a particular individual, you can turn to the index of names and authors. Either way, you are almost certain to be diverted along the way by some sparkling quotation that catches your eye.

The ability to convey an idea concisely and with humour is a rare gift. This lovingly chosen collection, representing the cream of wit and wisdom, is not only the perfect source-book for comments, ideas and inspiration, but also a thoroughly enjoyable read for all who appreciate dexterity with words.

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