Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

James Finn Garner

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James Finn Garner has taken the opportunity to rewrite classic stories for more enlightened times in this new edition of the bestselling Politically Correct Bedtime Stories; from Snow White’s relationship with seven vertically challenged men, Little Red Riding Hood, her grandma and the cross-dressing wolf who set up an alternative household based on mutual respect and cooperation, to the Emperor who was not naked but was endorsing a clothing-optional lifestyle.

In this 20th Anniversary Edition of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, read, for the first time, the true story of what happened when the Ugly Duckling was judged on its personal merits – and not on its physical appearance.

At last, here is bedtime reading free from prejudice and discrimination to witches, giants, dwarves, goblins and fairies everywhere. You can remedy this cultural defect by reading Politically Correct Bedtime Stories and discovering what really happened when Jack climbed the beanstalk, when Cinderella went to the ball and when the wolf tried to blow down the house of the Three Little Pigs.

For anyone brought up on sexist, racist, sizeist and ethnocentrist reading matter, James Finn Garner’s stories have been purged of the influence of an insensitive cultural past to become fables for our times.

James Finn Garner is the descendant of dead white Europeans and is a writer and performer based in Chicago. His official website can be found HERE

“Hillary and I have been enjoying (it)… it’s hilarious.”
Bill Clinton

“One of those works which cleave an author instantly to your heart… It is beautiful. It demolishes, in few but elegant words, a dozen kinds of silliness. It is better than I can possibly convey.”
Libby Purves, ‘The Times’

“Traditional tales carefully re-written to express no opinion at all.”
‘Sunday Times’

Garner rewrites fairy tales… into culturally sensitive stories, with all prejudices expunged.”
‘Daily Mail’

“A nightmarish trifle… modern tales for our life and times.”
‘Financial Times’

“Once upon a time there was a man who thought Little Red Riding Hood was a vertically-challenged but resolute young feminist… So begins the latest version of the ancient fairy tale, brought up to date for the politically-correct Nineties.”
‘Daily Express’

“Not only essential reading for adults of all ages, but also the wisest, funniest, most thoughtful thing yet written on the subject of PC.”

“The definitive, non-exploitative, non-patriarchalist (dontcha hate doing that to the kids?) … collection of bedtime stories.”
‘Daily Telegraph’

A reworking of familiar tales in non-sexist, non-patriarchal, non-judgmental language… I did laugh aloud.”

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