Phantom Islands of the Atlantic

Donald S. Johnson
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The Legend of Seven Lands That Never Were

“Wonderfully entertaining… A deft mix of old maps and travellers’ tales, Celtic and Christian mythology.”
‘The Daily Telegraph’

An enthralling historical odyssey into the human spirit of endurance, Donald S. Johnson, who has himself sailed across the Atlantic seven times, takes us back to the early voyagers who, sailing into uncharted waters, attempted to map the seas and lands that they encountered.

The result was an ocean scattered with mythical islands that never existed, but which were faithfully copied by later cartographers, sometimes right into the seventeenth century. Born of fantasy, fear and superstition, they were places peopled by demons, loud and strange noises, and often veiled in myth.

Phantom Islands of the Atlantic explores the origins and legends associated with seven of these islands, in a totally absorbing piece of historical detection that relives the drama and dangers of the Age of Discovery.

Lavishly illustrated with specially redrawn maps and contemporary engravings, this beautifully evocative book is the very stuff of maritime exploration, a magical jounrey into the unknown and the unknowable.

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