The Peter Principle

Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull
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The Peter Principle – “In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his own level of incompetence”

This is now a standard part of managerial thinking and there is no escape from promotion, whether in the City, government, the Civil Service, academia, the media. Wherever hierarchies exist leads only to failure and an eventual shunting into corporate oblivion.

This satirical classic explains why the human race is lost in a pit of economic, administrative and academic inefficiency. Most of us, whether the work experience placement or the Oxbridge fast-track career prospect, are doomed to ultimately end what seemed to be a glittering, dynamic career in humiliating mediocrity (obviously anyone reading this, and my boss, are exempt). However, a deviously cunning strategy (requiring both diligence and a talent for lies) can avert the unwanted promotion and preserve your dignity.

Laurence J. Peter spent most of his working life teaching in universities where he made a lifelong study of teacher incompetence. Raymond Hull is a playwright and poet, whose articles have appeared in ‘Esquire’ and ‘Punch’ among others.

“It’s almost 40 years old, but then Peter Principle is as relevant now as ever.”
‘The Guardian’

“The classic book which warned of the dangers of over-promotion.”
‘The Times’

“Suddenly the modern world is intelligible, if no more tolerable… This book will be read by millions wanting to diagnose what is wrong with their colleagues; and even by some wondering what is wrong with themselves.”
‘Sunday Telegraph’

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