Person to Person

Carl R. Rogers & Barry Stevens
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A key book in the quest for personal growth and human understanding.

Written from a fresh and wholly fascinating viewpoint, Person to Person is one of the most relevant and liberating books for those seeking to be themselves in today’s society. It stresses the importance of being first and foremost a human being, of learning to recognise one’s own wants and needs and follow one’s instincts by the justification of experience.

It helps the reader to look beyond the labels that society places on us and to gain understanding not only of the self, but of the true essence of the human beings around us. Each one of us has a value that is unique to us, and whatever restraints may be placed upon us we should learn to gather strength from our own core of being that makes us what we are.

Through the insights offered in this book we can come to understand the importance of choosing for ourselves, regardless of what anyone else tells us is good or bad. And from an awareness of ourselves we can achieve a greater realisation of the same process, the same individuality that motivates those around us. We can abandon the phoney ‘togetherness’ that is forced upon us and enjoy a real being-together that springs from instinctive personal choice.

First published more than twenty-five years ago, Person to Person remains a powerful source of enlightenment from the author of the classic On Becoming a Person.

“One of the most sensitive and interesting books I’ve read for a long time… A book to buy and keep. Useful for everyone in every walk of life.”
‘Health Visitor’

“I have often found Rogers’ excellent principles to be written in a somewhat wordy and philosophical vein… Barry Stevens restates much of this material in a breezy manner, illustrated with personal anecdote and example… you may find Stevens’ essays both interesting to read and quite illuminating.”
‘Australian Journal of Psychology’

“Makes good reading”
‘Times Higher Educational Supplement’

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