Virginia Satir
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The classic book for families, about families.

Living as a family is not easy. No group of people of different temperaments and different likes and dislikes can be constantly in agreement, and it takes a special kind of understanding to resolve disputes and prevent unhappiness.

This beautifully readable and good-humoured book, written by a world pioneer in the practice of family therapy, shows how to make relationships work, how to make it possible for every member of the family to be heard and understood, and how to get away from the old stereotypes of family organisation. Peoplemaking deals with the special problems of couples, children, separated and single-parent families. It can help to make family life a happy, liberating environment in which all its members can grow and develop.

Virginia Satir, who died in 1988, spent her life delving into the relationships and motivations that govern the behaviour of human beings and was honoured for her work in popularising human psychology.

“Some books change your life slowly, some books change your life straight away and some books are… Well just books…This book will change your life in less than an hour because once you pick it up you won’t want to put it down…Really, really easy to read book that is full of great information.”
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