People Before Profit

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Has globalisation failed us?

The promises of economic stability, increased prosperity, and cultural cooperation seem more like a pipe dream than ever before. Instead of abandoning globalisation, in People Before Profit, Charles Derber challenges readers to rewrite its rules in order to fulfil its potential as an agent of democracy. In this provocative and optimistic work, Derber argues that only a democratic cure – begun at grassroots level – will end global terror and economic insecurity.

Eye-opening in its analysis, and fresh in its solutions, People Before Profit provides an essential understanding of our world economy as well as a practical guide for building a stable global community.

Charles Derber is a professor at Boston College, Massachusetts, and a noted social critic. He writes for a range of American newspapers and magazines on issues relating to corporate power, human rights and globalisation.

“The ‘basic principle’ of this ambitious study is the task of ‘re-inventing globalisation’ by ‘re-inventing democracy’. A provocative and stimulating work, directed to issues of the highest significance.”
Noam Chomsky

“What a great teacher! Charles Derber makes sense of such numbing issues as globalisation, terrorism and world poverty as if he’s having a conversation and a cup of coffee with the reader.”
Tom Hayden

“In People Before Profit, Charles Derber helps vault the globalisation debates to the next level. With any luck, it will help kick start a much needed debate on the principles that should unite our world.”
Naomi Klein

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