Parenting a Child with Special Needs

Ed. Bernadette Thomas, Cindy Dowling and Neil Nicoll
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What is the actual experience of parents who live with and love children with special needs?

After the initial shock of becoming a parent, now complicated by being the parent of a child with special needs, as well as having only a confused idea of what may lie ahead how do they find a way forward, to start to build a relationship with their child?

The stories that emerge from Parenting A Child with Special Needs are of great passion and, sometimes, pain and above all the courageous dedication needed to bring up a disabled child. The editors, Bernadette Thomas and Cindy Dowling, are parents of disabled children who write with real and practical insight into bringing up a disabled child and the relationship it creates. Neil Nicoll gives a professional perspective into the issues raised.

These stories tell it as it is, sharing stories that all other parents will recognise; stories that show they are not alone with the fears and hopes they have for their child.

“Dealing with shock, anger and grief, this book shows you are not alone, with amazing personal stories from parents.”
‘BBC Parenting’

“The editors sought out contributors from a variety of backgrounds… The book has a wealth of moving accounts for anyone who enjoys sharing feelings and many parents of disabled children are likely to find in the variety of emotions described something they can identify with.”
‘Waving Not Drowning’

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