Oat Cuisine

Rita Greer
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The tasty way to a healthy, balanced diet.

For years we have been advised to eat more oats for a healthy heart. Despite being exceptionally nourishing, oat has tended to be a rather ignored grain with most cooks venturing little further than muesli, porridge, flapjacks and oatcakes. This book, written by an inventive cook with over twenty years’ experiencing of cooking for special dietary needs, now opens all kinds of new and tasty doors to the oats scene.

With over 100 easy-to-follow, imaginative recipes – both new and the classics that have withstood the test of time. All of the recipes feature oats and include:

– new and inspiring breakfasts including DIY breakfast flakes
– substantial soups and savoury dishes – even oat pasta
– a wide range of sweet and plain biscuits
– crispbreads and pizzas
– nibbles for parties and snacks
– cakes, buns and pastries
– breads, rolls and scones
– desserts and puddings

Each recipe is awarded between one and five heart symbols so that the reader can see at a glance how healthy the recipes are. For example oat and cashew ice cream gets only one heart while oaties (breakfast drinks) are awarded five.

Rita Greer specialises in inventing gourmet recipes for a healthier lifestyle and is the author of many books featuring restricted diets and healthy, caring nutrition. Offering information on oats and oat products, here is the perfect, practical guide for a healthy, balanced diet that is great for the taste buds as well.

“What may be the first cook book devoted solely to the subject, Rita Greer’s Oat Cuisine… Rita Greer’s compendium of delights seriously challenges the claims of wheat.”
‘Independent on Sunday’

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