No Handicap to Dance

Gina Levete
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Creative Improvisation for People with and without Disabilities

Fun, and the emotional release that it brings, are what Gina believes are lacking in the lives of those cut off from social communication by the restrictions of physical disability, mental handicap or imprisonment. Everyone, she says, is born with a sense of rhythm and responds naturally to music and movement.

This practical and inspiring book describes how teachers of dance can use creative improvisation, mime and dance with different groups of handicapped people. Method classes and workshops are outlined in detail, with advice on special techniques for those with severe physical or mental disabilities. Gina holds her classes for able and disabled students alike; limited mobility does not prevent people from expressing themselves in some way.

Gina’s first small efforts have grown into the wide-ranging organisation called Shape, which works to bring artists of all disciplines into a network serving disadvantaged people and helping them to participate in creative activities. Her own work now focuses on using movement to relieve stress, and a chapter on this subject has been added to this book.

No Handicap to Dance provides a valuable resource for those seeking to train or take part in the field of creative therapy.

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