Next Man In

Gerald Brodribb
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A Survey of Cricket Laws and Customs

“One of the best books on cricket ever written.”
‘The Cricketer’

Next Man In is unique in cricket literature, and in this revised and expanded edition it remains absolutely essential reading for any true lover of the game, a treasure trove of the odd and bizarre happenings on the field that have led to changes in the Laws.

A survey of the Laws of cricket written with quiet humour, there are tales of absent-minded umpires who failed to keep count of the balls in an over, of batsmen who set off for a run in the wrong direction, of butterflies slain by off-breaks in flight, of the side that was declared all out for 46 because three members arrived too late.

A classic for more than forty years, Next Man In now covers one-day cricket as well as the first class game and includes twelve pages of photographs marking the notable occurrences that have enlivened cricket in recent years. A mine of information, as lively and fascinating as ever, it is a must for all who share the author’s delight in the infinite variety of cricket and its players.

“One of the game’s essential works.”
John Arlott, ‘Wisden Cricketer’s Almanac’

“Almost every strange thing that has ever happened on the cricket field finds a place… this unique and most readable work.”
‘The Daily Telegraph’

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