Naming and Blessing

Andrew Tawn
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A Book of Name Prayers

In the Bible a person’s name is intimately connected to their identity and God’s blessing upon them.

In this collection of over 500 individual name prayers Andrew Tawn expresses the unique relationship between each one of us and God in a beautiful, unique way. Every prayer is written as an acrostic in which the opening letter of each line spells out a name. The imagery of these prayers, often drawing upon the meaning of the name or a verse from the Bible, is accompanied by Pat Schaverien’s moving illustrations.

Naming and Blessing offers prayers for the many occasions in life when our names are important.

– They are for prospective parents as they choose a name for their son or daughter and to help them pray for their child throughout their life.
– They are for ministers who want to personalise baptisms, confirmations, and weddings or when they pray for their parishioners.
– They are for anyone who wishes to pray by name for others, in times of joy and in times of need, to ask God’s blessing upon them.
– They are also for the times when we feel the need for God’s blessing upon ourselves.

These special name prayers will serve as the perfect introduction to the language of faith, as a resource to call upon throughout our lives, and as a constant reminder that each one of us, no matter our age, is always a beloved child of God.

Andrew Tawn is the Rector of Addingham, in the Yorkshire Dales. He has previously worked in parishes in Oxfordshire and Liverpool. He was inspired to write the prayers in Naming and Blessing following the naming ceremony of his own nephew.

“A collection of prayers which can be used so very easily and readily by a much wider range of people than simply the committed Christian.”
Bishop David Hope, former Archbishop of York

“Throughout life we receive many gifts but our name is one of the first and most precious gifts we receive… The author uses the ancient device of the acrostic to create unique and thoughtful meditations on the names of the children he has baptised.”
Anthony Russell, former Bishop of Ely

“This is a gift with many layers, unpacking the meaning of individual names and weaving into each prayer a gentle yet profound affirmation of the connection of each unique individual to God.”
Angela Ashwin, author of ‘The Book of a Thousand Prayers’

“Very impressive and moving.”
Adrian Plass, author of ‘The Sacred Diary’ series

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