My First Guitar

Julia Crowe
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Product Description

The world’s greatest guitarists reveal the stories behind the first six-string that fed their lifelong passion.

Julia Crowe interviews the world’s leading guitarists, from Les Paul, Carlos Santana, Peter Frampton and Jimmie Vaughan, Joe Satriani, Melissa Etheridge, to Lee Ranaldo, George Benson and Jimmy Page. In interviews that offer an intimate insights into their beginnings as they recall their first instrument and share their memories of the inspiration, challenges, and successes of their early days.

“Collecting these tales has been admittedly addictive because each story is as unique, compelling and illuminating as the performer… My intent was simple – to ask the artists to speak for themselves.” – Julia Crowe

Crossing a vast array of genres, showing the common experience of all guitarists, Julia Crowe offers intimate and deeply human insights into a musician’s beginnings as her interviewees recall their first instrument and share their memories of the   inspiration, challenges, and successes of those early days.



“Ask a musician to talk about their first instrument and it seems that they are off and running, full of anecdotes, joy and poetic longing.”  Graham Parker

“It’s not just about the first guitars or the players themselves, really… This is life, told and celebrated through guitars.” Premier Guitar

“I knew the guitar was going to be part of my life from the first time I was able to play something and put together a sequence of chords.” Jimmy Page

“Anyone who loves guitars and guitar players (whether or not you’re a player yourself) will love looking through this book.” American Songwriter


About the Author

Julia Crowe is a guitar soloist and composer, and has released albums including Empire of Light and Smoke & Steel. She is the founder of the online webzine, The Guitar, at

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