Muhammad Ali: The Birth of a Legend

Flip Schulke with Matt Schudel
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In the early 1960’s, before he was known as Muhammad Ali, the young Cassius Clay was photographed by Flip Schulke (himself a young man making a name for himself as a photographer). In photos first published in ‘Life’ and ‘Sports Illustrated’ magazines, Schulke presents the young Clay in tender, intimate settings that would never be duplicated when the spotlight of fame focused on the young boxer. In Muhammad Ali: The Birth of a Legend Clay’s warm, exuberant charm beams directly through the lens to reveal a personality of extraordinary confidence and charisma.

“This fascinating collection of photographs and stories chronicles the transformation of Cassius Clay into Muhammad Ali…these images, particularly those away from the boxing ring, are stunning.”

Muhammad Ali became one of the most photographed people in the world, and is now regarded as the greatest athlete of the century, as well as a role model for young and old. The photographs in Flip Schulke’s Muhammad Ali: The Birth of a Legend show him at the start of his journey, and is an essential for everyone interested in Ali’s legend. Flip Schulke was more than a silent observer, he was a witness to the transformation of Cassius Clay into Muhammad Ali, and Schulke’s commentary on his photographs provide a penetrating insight into Ali’s character.

“Schulke captured that bravado and self-love…the picture of a lifetime…startling images of jabs and hooks.”
‘Evening Standard’

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