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Western civilisation is descended from the battle fought on the plains of Marathon between 9,000 citizens of the Greek City states and the 30,000-strong Persian army of Darius. The Greeks were defending their radical new political form, democracy.

Alan Lloyd’s brand of popular history, colourful, deeply researched with the passionately thrilling narrative of a novel brings the battle and Greek civilisation alive. It is a style described by ‘The Observer’ about another of Alan Lloyd’s books as “There’s not a single boring page in his entire book.” Out of the historical background the clash of cultures is described, the flowering of an Athenian democracy that could justify slavery while fostering the genius of Plato, Sophocles and Aeschylus versus the dictatorship of Darius that had already conquered Asia. The culture and life of the Greek city-states is intimately described and the uneasy political allegiances between them, especially that between Athens and Sparta, are vividly depicted.

Alan Lloyd is a widely published historian and novelist of over 30 books. His other works include Destroy Carthage, The Taras Report On The Last Days of Pompeii and also from Souvenir Press, The Great Prize Fight.

“Nothing I know of… has set out so vividly the backgrounds and contrasted traditions of the two great civilizations which were to clash at Marathon.”
Mary Renault

“There’s not a single boring page in his entire book.”
‘The Observer’

“The victory of the Athenians over the Persians was one of the most incredible ‘against the odds’ victories ever and was a turning point in history… Lloyd places the battle in its context and tells a brilliant story while he’s at it.”
‘Good Book Guide’

“A history of Greek civilisation and a dramatic recreation of the pivotal battle in the history of that civilisation… Alan Lloyd’s brand of popular history concentrates on the details and colour that make for engrossing reading.”

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