How to Make an Old Dog Happy

Olivier Lagalisse
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Just like their owners, dogs grow old. So it is up to you to give them the best life possible.

“What a godsend… it’s got every bit of advice from practical to medical.”
‘The Countryman’

There are countless books out there about looking after your puppy, but what happens when that puppy grows up? This is a simple and accessible guide on how to prepare your beloved pet for a happy old age.

Old dogs forget, so use the enjoyable games given here to stimulate an old dog’s brain.
Old dogs get tired, so adjust them to a new, less strenuous routine.
Old dogs need different nutrition, so follow the outlines given in this book.
Old dogs get confused, so adjust their surroundings to make life simple, and give them an enriched environment.

As an owner you can help your dog live longer and more comfortably using alternative therapies, such as aromatherapy and acupuncture, and following simple routines of hygiene and emergency first aid. This book will also explain the many terms you may find your vet using, as well as the ins and outs of pet insurance.

And finally there is helpful advice on where to look for a final resting place for your much loved old companion. The appendix contains lists of useful addresses from Breed Societies, to Pet Cemeteries and Crematoriums, and Welfare Organisations.

A must for all owners of elderly dogs, who want to enhance their old companion’s life, and their own.

“A useful basic guide offering advice on what to expect and handy tips on how you can ensure your pet’s comfort and happiness during this period of his life. Certainly worth reading… and gives plenty of ideas for areas to research further.”
‘Your Dog’

“Olivier Lagalisse, an experienced animal behaviourist, explains the ageing process your dog will undergo, clearly outlining the signs of age and the most common ailments to expect, and offers accessible and simple advice on how to prepare your dog for a longer and happier old age, as well as basic first aid for the older dog.”
‘Cambridgeshire Pride’

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