Living with Mental Illness

Elizabeth Kuipers and Paul Bebbington
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A Book for Relatives and Friends.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 people have a mental health problem and the policy of caring for the mentally ill within the community relies on families who need a guide to the practical issues that have to be dealt with. This helpful, practical book has established itself as an essential resource for all who care for the severely mentally ill, providing advice on how to cope day-to-day and what resources and services are available.

Written by a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist Living with Mental Illness explains what it feels like to be mentally ill, and the extensive resource section has been updated to make it a topical guide available to families and professionals. It looks at the new drug and psychological treatments now available and discusses legislation and the statutory rights of the mentally ill.

Sympathetic, comprehensive and understanding, this invaluable book can play a major role in helping those caring for anyone with a mental illness, easing the difficulties of those caught in what may seem a hopeless situation.

Elizabeth Kuipers is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry and Paul Bebbington is Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry at University College London.

“Answers many questions and problems… a boon to those who care for the mentally ill at home.”
‘Mental Health Foundation News’

“Its aim is to provide information and practical advice to carers on mental illness, services, treatment, legal matters and benefits… it is well-ordered and clearly written.”
‘Mental Health Care’

“Contains a great deal of information and advice that relatives will find of considerable value.”

“A very useful book, particularly in describing how practical help can be obtained… particularly useful and up to date.”
‘Newsletter of the Schizophrenia Association’

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