Listening and Helping in the Workplace

Frank Parkinson
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A guide for managers, supervisors and colleagues who need to use counselling skills.

Unless you are a trained counsellor, how can you best help a colleague or member of staff who is obviously in trouble? How can you solve the problems of those whose work is suffering because of a recent bereavement or divorce, who have experienced a violent incident or accident at work or who are being bullied?

Drawing from a wealth of counselling experience, Frank Parkinson explains how to listen in a way that will help rather than offering advice that may be inappropriate. Step by step he takes the reader through the processes of listening that form the essential foundation for counselling skills. At every stage he illustrates the right and wrong ways of questioning, responding and encouraging; he stresses the importance of the right setting and of using the right body language, and he shows how helpful listening combined with genuine empathy can enable the other person to understand his or her problem and how to resolve it.

Clear, sympathetic and practical, Listening and Helping in the Workplace makes a valuable contribution to the skills of those whose concern is the well-being of the people who make up a company’s workforce.

Frank Parkinson was a clergyman and army chaplain for over 30 years. He trained as a Relate counsellor and specialised in post-traumatic stress. He runs courses in counselling skills, defusing and Critical Incident Debriefing, and works regularly with members of the emergency services.

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