Lifting the Spirit

Penelope Ody
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Nature’s Remedies for Stress and Relaxation

Stress is the major problem of the Twenty-first century, as our lives get more hectic and the methods we use (alcohol, caffeine, nicotine) to get us through merely reinforce feelings of lethargy, fatigue and depression. However, herbal remedies have been used for centuries to make us feel better, more focussed and energetic.

Herbal remedies are the safest way to help your body cope with contemporary life as they work with the body’s own hormones and are a natural way to treat a wide range of problems orthodox medicine is currently unable to treat effectively. After all, herbal remedies date from a time when ‘happiness’ was the goal of a life, not meeting sales targets or completing your paperwork for the next departmental meeting. Herbal remedies act to bring our bodies into tune with our deepest human needs, instead of the desires of consumerism, and so can be used to treat the symptoms of stress-related illnesses: anxiety, exhaustion and depression.

In Lifting the Spirits remedies from cultures all around the world are outlined, remedies that act on physical problems and also work on the spiritual and emotional imbalances in our lives. Penelope Ody gives a clear and practical guide to the herbs that can help, their properties history and how to take them safely for the best results.

Bring more relaxation, contentment and peace into your life the natural way.

“Excellent small guide, packed full of useful information concerning many traditional remedies both Eastern and Western.”
‘Yoga & Health’

“Herbal medicines while acting on the symptoms of stress take a more holistic approach than conventional medicines… Penelope Ody has collected remedies from cultures all round the world, remedies that work on the physical symptoms of stress and also the spiritual and emotional imbalances in our lives.”
‘The Jewish Vegetarian’

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