Learn to Speak Cat 2: The Latest Mews

Anthony Smith
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Still having trouble communicating with your feline friend?

Learn to Speak Cat has been let out again in another compilation of wacky cartoons that will have you purring with delight. Discover how your cat views the world. This is how a cat-centric world would look, from Eskimeows to the cat designed refrigerator.

Latest Mews - Keep Calm

“Cartoons by Anthony Smith succeed where all the unknown billions of actual lolcats fail, in that they are genuinely funny.”
The Independent

“Anthony has managed to capture in just simple cartoon illustrations the essence of what being a cat is all about… An excellent stocking filler.”
‘The Daily Mews’

“Anthony Smith causes the reader to chuckle on every page. Even dog-lovers will enjoy this clever little volume.”
‘This England’

“The brilliant feline cartoon”
‘People’s Friend’

“Wacky cartoons that will have you purring with delight… If you’re struggling to find a gift for a cat lover, this book is exactly what you’re looking for.”
‘Eat Read Glam’

“A humorous take on the world from a feline perspective, and would make a great Christmas gift for any cat lover.”
‘Cool for Cats’

Anthony Smith has worked for Marvel and numerous other comics publishers. His series ‘Learn to Speak Cat’ has appeared in Metro daily.

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