Kangaroo Babies

Nathalie Charpak
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A revolutionary way to care for newborn babies: a natural approach to mothering, supported by extensive scientific research.

Kangaroo Mother Care was created to help premature and low-birth-weight-infants develop into healthy babies. Once the newborn baby’s heart rate and feeding have been stabilised, it remains with its mother who provides, naturally, all the benefits of incubator care; babies are positioned in close skin-to-skin contact with their mother, or even sometimes their father, for twenty-four hours a day. The warm physical contact regulates the baby’s body temperature so that the baby can continue to grow, stimulates breastfeeding, gives the baby a wonderful feeling of security and strengthens bonding.

The Kangaroo Mother Method is now used in thirty countries around the world, often in the Third World where incubators are in short supply in maternity hospitals, and has saved thousands of babies’ lives. In the western world it is been adapted and is used widely alongside incubator care to heal the sense of isolation and helplessness both parents and babies can feel in the tense initial weeks of the baby’s life.

Providing a history and a beautifully illustrated practical guide to kangaroo mothering, Nathalie Charpak’s book tells you all you need to know about an approach that will change the way mothers relate to newborn babies and improve the way hospitals treat premature babies and their parents.

Nathalie Charpak is an internationally respected paediatrician, and is the daughter of the Nobel Prize winning physicist, George Charpak, and. She is the Director of the Kangaroo Foundation.

“A system of encouraging the parents to adopt prolonged skin to skin contact, increasing the self esteem and confidence of the parents – Kangaroo Care… British hospitals are beginning to introduce this method and the sooner it becomes standard in every hospital the better… This readable book… should be given to every midwife and intensive care nurse, and it should be made available to any mother whose baby is taken to special or intensive care, or who has a baby that is unsettled.”
‘Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services Journal’

“This lively, highly readable little book is for everyone who works with maternity and neonatal services.”
‘Infant Journal’

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