Kafka’s Milena

Jana Cerna
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The woman whose affection brightened the last years of Kafka’s life, and who is remembered both for the passionate letters he wrote to her and for the inspiration she gave to his novel The Castle, was herself a writer of consequence.

During the 1930s she was a household name as a journalist in Prague, and she was courageously active too, against totalitarianism. An ardent Communist, she was thrown out of the Party for condemning Stalin’s atrocities, and some of her most brilliant writing was provoked by the threat of Nazism, an outspokenness which was to cost her her life.

Through the childhood memories of her mother, Jana Černá brings to life the woman whose disastrous relationships and chaotic lifestyle contrasted so violently with her public face.

“Černá’s impressive memoir”
‘The Times Literary Supplement’

“It has been suggested that Milena understood Kafka better than any other woman; on the evidence now assembled, she understood him better than almost anyone!”
Jeremy Adler, ‘The Times Literary Supplement’

“Sadly but evocatively completes whatever is to be known of Milena, depicting a pre-war intellectual circle in Prague now vanished utterly under the Nazis and the Soviets alike.”
David Pryce-Jones, ‘The Financial Times’

“On a personal note, it enables the daughter to do justice to the mother who both made and, unwittingly, destroyed her… many new illustrations.”
Jeremy Adler, ‘The Times Literary Supplement’

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