Jump Attack

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Devised by Tim S. Grover, Jump Attack provides a complete training plan that allows anyone to achieve results that were once only available to elite athletes. Used for explosive performance in any sport, this challenging workout, based on sequence training, combines weight training, plyometrics and stretching. The success of the Jump Attack formula is down to how these elements are combined: the order of the exercises, how they’re paired with other exercises, duration of the sets, all combined with intense core training.

“An invaluable part of my training program.”
Michael Jordan

Tim S. Grover has been Michael Jordan’s personal trainer since 1989, when Jordan was starring for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. He is the C.E.O of Attack Athletics, an elite training facility for professional athletes, and has trained NBA superstars, including Kobe Bryant, as well as the baseball star Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez. You can follow Tim on Twitter or visit his website here.

“It’s not targeted at major muscle groups exclusively, but focuses on strengthening the smaller muscles too so that everything works harmoniously together… Well written, clear, precise.”
‘The Sports Book Review’

Jump Attack provides a solid strength training programme in general… the presentation in general is excellent and every exercise is accompanied by a detailed explanation and visual cue.”
One Step Closer to the Edge Blog

“Whether you’re a basketball player, footballer, sprinter or swimmer – whatever sport you do – Jump Attack promises to improve your explosiveness and overall athletic performance in just 12 weeks.”
Nicspirational Blog

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