It Gets Easier

Tracey Egan
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Product Description

Surviving Twins During Their First Year

As a proud mum of twins, Tracey Egan knows first-hand just how overwhelming and exhausting having two babies at once can be.

No one prepares parents for the moment when they leave hospital, but what about when they have not just one, but TWO newborn babies?

Drawing on her own personal experience as a mother of twins, It Gets Easier is a comprehensive guide to preparing for the arrival of twins and all the decisions that must be made after the birth.

It Gets Easier contains detailed guidance on everything that parents need to know, from changing nappies and understanding your babies’ cries (are they hungry, is it wind or colic?) to knowing the milestones that your babies will reach in their first year (teething, sitting up alone, eating solid food and eventually, crawling).

Packed with plenty of handy tips and advice, It Gets Easier provides the guidance and reassurance that all parents desperately need until it, does, get easier.

Tracey Egan was a manager in the Baby-wear department of Harrods before working as an accountant, for the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (among others). She is the mother of twins and began It Gets Easier during their nap-time.

“A comprehensive guide for preparing for the arrival of twins… Detailed guidance on everything that parents need to know… but Tracey Egan’s priority is to reassure and guide parents through until it does get easier.”

‘Easy Parenting’

“A unique perspective, focusing on the first year after birth… The book is useful for all parents with lots of tips for surviving the first year.”

‘Practical Parenting’

“Everything you need to know about having twins.”

‘The Anton Savage Show’, Today FM

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