If I Should Die Before I Wake

Michelle Morris
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“An absolutely incredible book”
‘Andrea Dworkin’

“If I Should Die Before I Wake shivers with authenticity. So will you when you read it.”
Rita Mae Brown, author of ‘Rubyfruit Jungle’

“Vivid and terrifying… I could not put it down”
Marge Piercy, author of ‘Woman on the Edge of Time’

Carla holds her sleeping father at gunpoint. When he awakens she plans to kill him, her only chance to escape the violent, destructive intimacy of their life together. Over the course of the night she tells the story of how he destroyed her mind.

For as long as she can remember, Carla’s father has abused her, holding her an emotional prisoner. The horror of her life has destroyed the innocence of her childhood and left her with only her puppet theatre as friends. Then, into her life comes Dean, a boy from her school who comes to love her and understand the life she endures. His influence forces Carla to begin to investigate her own past, to question the history she has been told by her father, and to realise the despair, loneliness and self-disgust she feels.

Carla’s disintegrating world, the brutalised agony of her mind, is depicted with an unforgettable intimacy. If I Should Die Before I Wake is a literary classic about the fundamental taboo of our society, incest.

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