I am the Story

Caroline Astell-Burt
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The Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy: An Inspirational Guide to Self-Expression and Communication

Puppets are fun and a joy for everyone, but they can also be a major tool in helping self-expression and communication involving even the most withdrawn person in decision-making and activity.

From helping people with learning disabilities to early years literacy work, as well as projects for development in the Third World, the art of puppetry provides the inspiration and motivation needed to encourage people to act for themselves.

Originally published in 1981, this highly praised book has now been completely revised, updated and expanded with many new ideas and projects.

Step by step instructions guide the puppeteer through projects that encourage self-expression and communication. These activities have wide benefits for those with learning disabilities and autism while the use of puppetry is an invaluable resource for those in early years literacy work and the social services.

There are introductory chapters on puppetry’s language of movement and the theory of storytelling through the use of puppets. This is followed by an explanation of how best to use puppets to allow individuals to become involved in the exercises. The book also contains developmental exercises, including many new ideas and projects, and is an extensive guide to therapeutic techniques.

Totally practical and imaginative, this pioneering book is full of stimulating ideas that will prove invaluable for students, puppeteers, care-workers, teachers, therapists and parents alike.

“An eminently readable book that anyone interested in puppetry for educational or therapeutic needs will find indispensable.”
‘International Journal of Early Years Education’

“A practical, user-friendly manual for those wishing to use the underestimated art of puppetry in education or therapy… this book would make a highly readable addition to the staff library.”
‘The British Journal of Special Education’

“Readable, inspiring and would benefit clinicians of all ages and levels of experience. It makes you think and inspires you to have a go.”
‘Speech & Language Therapy in Practice’

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