How to Succeed in Employment with Specific Learning Difficulties: A Guide for Employees and Employers

Amanda Kirby
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For anyone becoming employed, or in employment, with hidden impairments such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or ASD the work setting can be a real challenge.

From getting started choosing a career, tips on job interviews to information on life in employment, starting from induction onwards, daily management of a workload, selling strengths, and even guidance on how to build a good balance between work and home life, Amanda Kirby identifies the best strategies to use for success, both professionally and personally.

While being in a new job can be exciting, it can also provoke anxious feelings of not being quite sure what to do and when to act. The information in this book is the ideal preparation for the challenges, and new opportunities, ahead.

Drawing on decades of practical experience, as well as her academic expertise, Amanda Kirby provides a comprehensive range of helpful information built from contributions from many people with specific learning difficulties who have gone through this experience, and professionals working in the field. This is an easy to use guide that will prepare anyone for all aspects of life in employment (including links to useful apps and free software) and is a must-have guide for all employers.

Professor Kirby is a parent of an adult with specific learning difficulties, and a former GP and was the founder of the specialist centre, The Dyscovery Centre, providing help for Dyslexia, DCD, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders which opened in 1997.This is based at The University of South Wales, where she holds a chair as a Professor in Developmental Disorders in Education. She is also the Chief Executive of Do IT Solutions, an online computer profiling company, providing assistance from education and into employment for potential employees with specific learning difficulties, and working with educators and employers.

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