How to get Seriously Rich While Failing in Business

Philip Sadler
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“An hilarious guide to bluffing your way to fat cattery… If that isn’t sound advice, we don’t know what is.” – ‘Mail on Sunday’

Different people have different goals in life. Some just want to be happy, some to be famous, some want excitement and danger, some want to serve mankind, and others want to be seriously rich. If you are in the last group this book is for you.

You may not have the managerial and leadership skills needed to manage a major business successfully but that need not stop you.

If you manage your career with one aim in mind – to become very wealthy indeed – then failure to create shareholder value need not stand in your way. Even if lack of results leads in the end to losing your top job, the compensation package, a top hat pension and a clutch of non-executive directorships will keep you on the road to a very comfortable retirement.

Illustrated by John Jensen, this satirical guide to becoming a fat cat shows you step by step how it can be done – a humorous manual of one-upmanship in business, to be ignored at your peril!

“A book dedicated to the not always popular themes of greed… and good old-fashioned fat-cattery.”
‘The Sunday Times’

“Offering a short cut, outlining the entry route to the magic circle with a tongue in cheek, slimline guide.”
‘Daily Telegraph’

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