How To Build A Great Screenplay

David Howard
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A working bible for the budding screenwriter.

“The definitive book on writing for the screen.”
‘Writer’s Forum’

Drawing of decades of practical experience David Howard deconstructs the craft of screenwriting and reveals how to build a good story from the ground up. Eschewing the ‘system’ provided by other books he emphasises that a good screenplay requires dozens of decisions by the author to make it unique, to allow it to take on a life of its own.

David Howard offers in-depth lessons in:
– How to build a story, and how to involve the audience in the story
– The creation of drama
– Creating living characters and their motivation
– How to weave in subplots
– Storytelling myths, legends and lies.

Throughout the book, each lesson is clarified through examples from some of the most successful movies ever, including Pulp Fiction, American Beauty, Chinatown, Saving Private Ryan and The Usual Suspects.

“Shows how the screenwriter builds a strong screenplay from the ground up, and gives in-depth analysis of every step of the way, supported by examples from successful American films… A thoughtful analysis of the screenwriting process.”
‘Writing Magazine’

“A solid, blow-by-blow guide to ordering your ideas and siphoning them from head to page.”
‘Total Film’

“What David Howard has done… is to reveal for me and all readers just how stories work: He shows that there are no absolute rules, but there are principles that can help a beginning writer.”
Diane Keaton

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