How Puzzles Improve Your Brain

Richard Restak and Scott Kim

Product Description

Whether you want to improve your memory, or give your brain a full work-out to improve logic and visual observation skills, this book is packed with brain training puzzles and games to boost your mental skills.

Regular mental exercises, including crosswords, Sudoku, and even brain training computer games, can help to improve memory, fine motor skills, perception and cognition. Solving different types of mental exercises helps the brain to reshape and strengthen itself, as well as heightening imagination and creativity skills.

Anyone who wants to improve their memory, logic or perception skills can turn to the individual exercises (by Scott Kim who creates puzzles for magazines including Scientific America) featured in How Puzzles Improve Your Brain, that will stimulate the area of the brain that controls those skills.

Richard Restak outlines how the brain processes individual functions, while Scott Kim has created puzzles that stimulate and challenge the area of the brain responsible for that function, giving your brain an engaging work-out. Drawing on decades of scientific research, this book can change your brain as you read it.

“These mind-training exercises will make you brighter than you’ve ever been.”
Mail on Sunday

“One of the world’s leading neurologists… A fascinating study of how to ‘stop the rot’ and have a lot of fun doing it.”

“We all, I hope, exercise our brains in doing various games like crosswords and Sudoku daily, so knowing how they can influence your other memory skills and thinking processes should make you pay more attention to your grey matter… Read and learn.”
SF Crowsnest blog

“This is a book about how our brains work, how the different parts interact or come into play in certain circumstances.”
The bookbag

“Thoroughly well researched… Very entertaining… It made me think and play in ways I had not done before and actually explained what my brain was doing whilst attempting these puzzles.”

“Packed with illuminating insights and dozens of witty and, often, perplexing puzzles How Puzzles Improve Your Brain can create a healthier brain while explaining how the puzzles are changing it.”
Books Monthly

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