Homage to Gaia

James Lovelock
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In this revised and updated edition, James Lovelock describes how he became one of the worlds greatest thinkers. From his childhood in south London to his first steps as a scientist, his work with organisations as diverse as NASA, Shell and the Marine Biological Association, Homage to Gaia describes the years of travel and work that led to Lovelock’s crucial scientific breakthroughs in environmental awareness. From Lovelock’s discovery of how CFCs are distributed globally and their impact on the ozone layer to the concept of Gaia, the theory that the Earth is a self-regulating system.

Lovelock’s quest for Gaia led to the founding of the Green movement and created a theory that is now the basis for almost all climate science.

Homage to Gaia is essential, if at times uncomfortable, reading for anyone interested in the interaction between science and the environment. It is the personal account of the extraordinary life of one of the most influential writers of the twentieth-century.

“There is much more than science in this book….This is ultimately an uplifting book about the way life ought to be, both at a personal and at a global level.”
‘Sunday Times’

“His ‘Gaia hypothesis’ is certainly heroic, with all the illusion-busting potential of Gallileo’s or Einstein’s theories.”

“The scientist who, more than any other alive today, has changed the way we think of the earth and our place on it.”
‘John Gray, ‘New Statesman”

James Lovelock is the originator of the Gaia theory and one of the major influences on the ecology movement. He has been on of the world’d leading scientific thinkers since the 1970s and was awarded the Royal Geographical Society’s Discovery Lifetime award in 2001.

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