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Willy Newlands
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Ideas for the New Countryside

If you’re not a barley baron, or mucky-handed smallholder, but just want to enjoy your own plot of a green and pleasant land, then this is the book for you. You bought a farm to get back to a slower-paced, more natural lifestyle, to continue the traditions and ways of the country so make the most of it.

Hobby farmers now account for the ownership of the majority of farms under 40 acres. There are 100,000 farms in Britain where making a profit is not the priority, and Willy Newlands can guide you through how to farm your land, your livestock and your orchards for maximum quality of life.

Taking you through artichokes and asparagus, beekeeping and ducks, goats and pheasants to pigs and poultry, potatoes and rhubarb, Hobby Farm is an invaluable guide to country living. Including recipes to make delicious home-cooked meals from your own garden, even making your own cider, Willy Newlands introduces the nouveau farmer, the apprentice crofter, to planting and harvesting, to the good life.

Willy Newlands comes from a farming background: for 250 years his family worked a farm in the Scottish Highlands, and he and his wife have spent a decade rebuilding their family home, Lauriston Castle in Kincardineshire. He has worked in game management and conservation, and has bred Britain’s most endangered sheep breed, the Castlemilk Moorit.

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