Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails

Harry MacElhone
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From the bar where the Bloody Mary was invented comes this bible of cocktail recipes, Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails. Revised to celebrate the centenary of the world-famous Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, the oldest cocktail bar in Europe.

Harry’s has been, and still is, the haunt of the rich and famous who have passed through Paris, from Ernest Hemingway and Marlene Dietrich to Jean-Paul Sartre, Noel Coward and Quentin Tarantino. Many of the classic cocktail recipes – White Lady, Sidecar, Blue Lagoon – were created there. In this new, revised edition of the classic guide all the old favourites are included but accompanied by recipes for over 30 new favourites. This is a book for the cocktail lover, with its distinctive thumb index for easy use and advice on mixing cocktails it is the definitive guide for professional bartenders and the home entertainer.

Harry MacElhone was born in Dundee in 1890 and was one of the first bartenders in Europe. He opened the New York Bar in Paris in 1911, and took over its ownership in 1923. He ran the bar until his death in 1958. Harry’s New York Bar is still owned by the MacElhone family.

“Harry wrote the recipe for every cocktail you’ll ever need to know.”
‘Sunday Times’

“Obviously such a good book because of the recipes that have come from Harry’s Bar – The Bloody Mary and Sidecar, for example.”

“Featuring all the recipes you probably need to get the party started… and essential guide for professionals and enthusiasts alike… This little gem is packed with cocktail nuggets.”
The Cocktail Lovers

“Harry’s classic cocktail recipes… updated with new recipes from the current bartenders at Harry’s… Whether you fancy a Side-Car or a London Fog, a Monkey Gland or a White Lady, you’ll find it here.”
‘Destination France’

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