Handbook of Music Games

Ger Storms
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An essential source book of creative ideas for every age group

Teachers in schools and colleges, and therapists working with groups, all know the value of music as a medium for learning. It releases creative expression, encourages social interaction, and develops the ability to listen, concentrate and discriminate.

Developed during years of teaching and practical work, the hundred or so games presented in this book demand no special musical knowledge or sophisticated musical instruments. The only materials used are songs, movements, the sounds of simple instruments and popular or classical music. What matters is the skills that the games develop, and they are grouped into sections, each devoted to a particular skill.

Every age group can take part in, enjoy and benefit from the games – from pupils in primary schools to adults in institutions or workshops. There are no winners and losers, for all who share in the group activities will gain according to how much they are able to contribute.

With a huge range of possible applications, the games can be used as they are given, or may form the basis for further ideas developed by the teacher. Although not intended for formal music lessons, they can be a very good introduction to learning to play a musical instrument and may generate a lifelong enjoyment of music listening and participation.

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