Growling over the Oceans

Deborah Lake
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The definitive history of the Shack, by the men who flew and maintained it.

The Avro Shackleton was the last aircraft to serve operationally with Coastal Command, or the Kipper Fleet as it was known. It was widely used during the Cold War (serving between 1951 and 1991) and was developed from the wartime Lancaster but with the noisy Griffon engines that would give the aircraft its nickname: the Growler. The Avro Shackleton became notorious for the discomfort, and danger, endured by its crews while the crews became famous for the pride they took in enduring the misfortunes of flying in such an aircraft.

This book contains stories from the men for whom the aircraft became a way of life. Combining memories and anecdotes from crew members with archive material (including rare and previously unseen photographs) Growling over the Oceans is an intimate and vivid introduction to the world of the Shack.

From its first public flight in 1949 to the end of the Cold War when the Shackleton finally retired from service and entered history this book provides many reminiscences, some amusing, some serious, of those who flew in the Shack, the aircraft that struck more fear into its own crew than it did the enemy.

“The aircraft which served longest in the maritime reconnaissance role, however, has gone largely unremarked… Deborah Lake, at last, sets the record straight and celebrates the aircraft and its singular air- and ground – crews… A fitting tribute to this unglamorous aeroplane and its long-suffering and frequently heroic crew.”
‘The Times’

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