Green Tea

Diana Rosen
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Good Health in Your Cup

At last! One of life’s pleasures that is actually good for you!

For centuries the Chinese have extolled the health benefits of tea, and especially green tea. Now scientific research is endorsing their claims. Rich in antioxidents, flavonoids, glycosides, vitamins and minerals, green team is much more than a refreshing drink.

Written by a confirmed lover of this health-boosting beverage, who has spent many years researching its health properties, this practical book shows that green tea can:

– Prevent infection
– Fight off viral attacks
– Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer
– Improve dental health and bone density
– Sharpen the mind
– Slow down the ageing process

And much, much more. With infectious enthusiasm Diana Rosen describes the many varieties of green tea prepared in the East, explains how to buy, store, brew and serve them, and provides a wealth of recipes for health and beauty preparations as well as exciting ways to use tea in cooking. With lists of suppliers and a glossary of technical terms and Chinese and Japanese words associated with tea-drinking, this amazingly comprehensive book is a must for tea lovers, and will enable anyone to enjoy green tea at its best.

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