Gods of Management

Charles Handy
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Gods of Management is one of the classic works of management. Charles Handy has identified four management styles to be found in organisations, and using the allegory of Greek gods he explains the different values of each style, and how each style can create the culture of an organisation.

To be successful a leader, or manager, needs to be aware of the culture within their organisation and to be able to manage their staff work to its strengths. This is the essential handbook for understanding management styles, and is valuable reading for anyone who needs to be aware of how the choices they make on a daily basis can create a more satisfying and productive workplace.

Charles Handy is famous for his ability to concisely and memorably communicate complex ideas, among the ideas he has advanced is that of ‘the portfolio worker’, and the Gods of Management is his most famous idea (as well as one of the most famous ideas in business studies). Gods of Management was written on a universal scale and its visionary nature makes it as relevant today as on its first publication.

Charles Handy started his career at Shell and was a co-founder of the London Business School (where he was a Professor between 1978-1994). He has been rated as one of Thinkers 50, the most influential management thinkers.

“A man with a lifetime’s experience… One of the more stimulating books on management.”
‘Financial Times’

“This is a serious book, while improving on the majority of managerial texts by being entertaining as well as instructive.”
‘Management Today’

“This is stimulating and worth reading alongside the more staid management texts.”
‘British Business’

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