Gingko and Garlic

Ginkgo and Garlic

Nicola Peterson

Product Description

Ginkgo and Garlic: Natural Remedies for Respiratory and Circulatory Problems

Ginkgo biloba, one of the world’s oldest surviving trees, has been part of Chinese herbal medicine since the dawn of their civilisation, and is now increasingly used in the West.

Garlic’s history as a medicinal plant goes back five thousand years, from the days of Sumer and Ancient Egypt, up to the present day.

Both plants have been found to possess properties that can be of real benefit in today’s society, when respiratory and circulatory diseases are on the increase. Written by a herbal practitioner, this informative book explains how ginkgo and garlic can:

– Relieve the symptoms of asthma
– Protect against high blood pressure
– Improve the circulation
– Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke

Practical and sensible, the book describes how to use ginkgo and garlic and in what form, provides many case histories and includes the results of scientific research into the biochemistry and effectiveness of these plants.

Discover how these two natural remedies can play a positive role in health care.

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